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Rest better with the new Bedfan cooling system. A device that can save you money as well as help provide a better sleep for many hot sleepers. We are an authorsized reseller of Bedfan not the manufacturer . Official Tech Support
The Bed Fan - The Bed Fan, Stop Night Sweats

It starts with night sweats and hot flashes keeping you up.  Say goodbye to ceiling fans as the bedfan personal cooling system is here.

 The BedFan is what everyone needs in the bedroom who has trouble sleeping at night due to increased heat production  from fight sweats, little air flow or ventilation by their bed.  Sleeping comfortably is vital to how the rest of your day goes on.  If you are tossing and turning due to night sweats from menopause,  andropause, post menopause or hyperhidroses pregnancy cancer we may have some night time relief for you.

Say goodby to your bedroom ceiling fan.


Bedfan can Stop night sweats from medications, menopause and Sleep Cooler....

The Bedfan Personal Cooling system Can be easily set up on almost any type of bed including waterbeds and units with footboards.The Bedfan will only take a few minutes to install and your air is blowing ready to cool you off. Make your bed almost as normal, but only this time you simply tuck the top sheet ( 400 count or more  )in around the Bedfan cooling system. After your top sheet is in place, put your comforter back on your bed. Enjoy better sleeping, gone is the wake up calls from sweating and hello to nirvana.

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Some Bedfan Reviews

We were exited when we found out about the Bedfan. For many years i had tossed an turned throughout the night with hot flashes, sweating throughout the night only to wake up not feeling refreshed. Well after getting our unit set up in no time i was back to sleeping like a baby. I am enthralled by the Bedfan. I am your #1 fan. Thanks for the sale of a lifetime. I will continue to refer my friends to you.

Well ever since I was a little kid I have slept with a bedroom ceiling fan on. Needless to say i got married last year and my wife has long hair and hated the fan as it blew her hair in her face @ night. So it was back to hot sweats again for me. Then i stumbled upon the bedfan and i knew i had a winner for sure!!! It was a no brainer. I ordered mine that night and let me tell you my night sweats have stopped.

I love the controller on the Bedfan. I keep mine nice and low as i love the gentle breeze that keeps me cool at night. I got mine as a birtday present from my huddy as i am always so hot at night. No more! The unit is whisper quiet. We never have to run the unit at more than one-quarter power. We're able to sleep cool and comfortably underneath a down comforter and still cuddle close!
Much better than a regular fan. Point Blank, End of discussion. Thanks for this wonderful product.
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The uses of the bedfan personal cooling unit are limitless. 
  • Cancer patients use this to stay cool as they are resting as many of the medications they take cause increased heat..
  •  Menopausal women love this as it helps stops the night sweats so often associated menopause and its natural aging process. 
  • Pregnant women will swear by the cooling effects it give.  When you are pregnant your hormones are all out of balance and your sleeping patterns are already out of whack due to a baby inside.  Why not fix the perspiration at night as that will surly help you while you are trying to sleep with that baby in your belly.
  • Men experiencing andropause flushing and its signs and symptoms can experience reflief and more comfort.

Get rid of the bedroom fan and go with THEBedfan 


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